Hey y'all! You made it to my page! 

I'm Jennifer, I grew up in Scarborough and still reside here, just a tad more north. I love to bake, binge-watch Netflix, and have a severe case of FOMO. I started my calligraphy journey in  January 2017 when I attended Sylvia's Introduction to Brush Calligraphy with a friend. Since then, I have gone from doodling on my own to making unique pieces for many special occasions. 

Why did you start calligraphy on the side?

I have had a few clients and friends that ask my calligraphy journey, and what I did for my 9 to 5 job. Well, I am an engineer by trade and have been working full-time at a structural engineering consultant firm for 2+ years. Although the field/industry is rewarding, I have always felt there was something missing that I could not quite pinpoint. I was aware of my creative side, which involved photography (level: amateur) to hand-drawing cards, but was always curious about calligraphy. I saw the boom in the industry, and trust me when I say I have severe FOMO - I wanted, sorry, had to join in the fun. I simply said "Why not?", and picked up my first Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen  Now, here I am. 

This journey has been and continues to be a blessing. Thanks for joining me in the fun and I appreciate every second you spend checking out my site, reading my blog, and stalking me on Instagram! I enjoy every bit of it. 



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